Nailotus - A Nail & Lash Salon - Eyelash Extensions
Lashette lash Extensions
  • Lush lashette -$120 -
Includes approximately 50 eyelashes per eye
  • Ultra lush lashette $ 160 -
Includes approximately 65 eyelashes per eye

  • Eyelash removal $25
  • Refill lashes done by our qualified lash technician on her own work only.
  • ♡removal of foriegn lashes $25 prior to new lash application.
  • 2 week infill - Up to 14 days $50
  • 3 week infill - Up to 21 days $60

Eyelash extensions are actually single lashes that are attached individually to your natural lashes one by one.
They come in different thicknesses, curls and lengths- the choice is yours. 
Your choice is to have a set for a "big" night out, an important function such as a wedding, 21st, engagement or just "because you like them". 
These lashes, as they are attached to your own natural lashes, will grow with them and then slowly fall out as your natural lashes reach the hair growth cycle that determines "fall out".
You will find that the lashes on the eye on the side you favour whilst sleeping will loose the extensions faster.
They usually last 2 to 4 weeks, you can have them removed them after the function - OR just let them fall out slowly and naturally OR have them infilled. 
Again- the choice is yours.... come in and enjoy a relaxing and safe procedure 
  • Lashes Look and feel natural- safe and non irritating
  • No need to wear mascara or tint your lashes'
  • Safe to shower, swim or exercise (after first 48 hours)
What To Do Before Your Appointment ?
All mascara and makeup surrounding the eye area should be removed with an oil-free cleanser- any trace of mascara or makeup will prevent the adhesive from being 100% effective.

Have your lashes TINTED prior to your appoinment if they need it to match the black extensions.
If you are a contact lenses wearer, please remove your contact lenses prior to your appointment time 
  • To allow time for the adhesive to cure properly, please take care not to wet your lashes, use saunas or steam rooms for the first (at least) 24 hours after application.
  • Make sure you wash your eyes in the shower with your fingertips at least TWICE a week with either baby Shampoo or Neutrogena Fresh Foaming cleanser . This is a HYGIENE requirement.
  • Avoiding this will cause a protein, makeup and skin build up at the base of your lashes. This build up WILL / MAY restrict new lash growth, cause your  natural lashes to clump together and impact on the health of your natural lashes.     
  • Use water-soluble mascara, eyeliner and makeup as usual but it is VERY important to COMPLETELY REMOVE MAKEUP FROM YOUR LASHES AS DESCRIBED EARLIER.·    
  • DO NOT use waterproof mascara as it clogs the fibers of the extensions and also requires an oil based remover to take it off and oil or natural extract based products WILL COMPROMISE THE BONDING AGENT AND INCREASE THE LOSS RATE OF YOUR EXTENSIONS. 
  • After showering or washing your face- Use your eyelash brush to gently straighten them out daily then point a blow dryer on the cold  lowest setting to dry your lashes by pointing it upwards against your lashes.      
  • BE GENTLE- don’t rub them, tint them, perm them, use heated curlers on them, don’t pull on them - make sure you clean them and they will be good to you.
And remember....
Eyelash Extensions 
From $120
This price is the minimum charge .

If you are not on time for your treatment, your appointment time will be shortened and this will affect your lashes, so plan your time ahead to receive gorgeous lush lashes.