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  • If you are removing normal nail polish from the top of an enhancement, please use non-acetone polish remover as acetone breaks done your enhancements.
  • Nails are Jewels not tools, whilst they are many times stronger than your natural nails, they do have a breaking point so please take care.
  • Keep a nail brush handy – Dirty nails spread bacteria FAST (cleaning underneath them with white toothpaste works wonders)It is a good idea to scrub the underneath of your nails after each application of foundation, fake tan, and all other cosmetics as these products may/usually cause lifting. It is easy when your nails are coloured to miss food etc that has been caught under your nails, it is extremely important to scrub and clean your nails daily to prevent bacteria build-up under your nails.
  • We Recommend a Maintenance Every Three - four Weeks for These Reasons:
  • The new nail growth changes the balance of the enhancements by pushing the enhancement further out over the free edge of the fingertips increasing the risk of breakages and making them “top heavy” therefore needing to be REBALANCED and Maintained.

  • The new nail growth is now exposed to moisture, oil etc and this may contribute to lifting of your enhancement if left TOO long.

  • If a longer period has elapsed, an extra cost may be charged to cover extra work or product needed.

      Use cotton lined rubber gloves whilst working in the garden or doing housework as cleaning products dry out cuticles/nails          and can discolour/lift your Gel. Your natural nail is POROUS and will absorb these products.

  • Any breakages need to be fixed by a professional ASAP. Should you decide to have them removed, please do so properly as tearing them off will leave them in very poor condition. (If you choose to remove them yourself, file the surface of the gel to break the seal of the top coat and wrap them in acetone soaked cotton pads and enclose them in foil OR Soak them in pure acetone for 40 minutes to remove them ( in a glass or metal bowl)
  • Picking at your enhancements or peeling them away may/will also lead to problems. If you break the SEAL of the enhancement you are effectively opening the door to bacteria & lifting.
  • New medication , illness & extreme stress of any kind MAY have an effect on the adhesion of your enhancements.
  • If your enhancements do lift, it is unwise to leave a band-aid on or glue it as this can trap moisture between the enhancement and the natural nail, which provides a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. This can also be the case if you glue your nail and there is moisture trapped between the enhancement and natural nail plate. Have your lift fixed by a professional ASAP.

Thank you, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have.

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